Where can I buy Grin?


On January 24th, 2019, KuCoin has enabled Grin Trading on their platform.

KuCoin is a relatively new exchange which came into existence some time after Binance. They have a decent amount of coins to trade and good volume.

You can basically say that getting listed on KuCoin is quite an achievement for a new project.

Register for trading on KuCoin here!

KuCoin: Homepage
KuCoin: Homepage


On January 17th, 2019, TradeOgre has added the Grin market to the list of tradeable assets. This means you can buy and sell the Grin cryptocurrency on that exchange, effective immediately.

Compared to Beam, which still only trades OTC, this was pretty fast.

Grin Trading Has Launched On tradeogre.com
Grin Trading Has Launched On tradeogre.com

Notes about TradeOgre

TradeOgre is a relatively small exchange. It shines through simplicity, meaning it has a very simple user interface which does not distract you from what you wanna do: trading.

TradeOgre is in business since a while. As they don’t have an announcement thread (ANN) on bitcointalk.org, it’s hard to say when they launched retrospectively, but earliest reports found on the internet date back to early 2018 (around March).

So far, there were no major incidents (hacks, fraud, …) on that exchange which I’m aware of (or was able to research). I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s safe to store your cryptocurrency there (you should generally only store as much cryptocurrency on any exchange as you need for trading!), but as of now, they have no signs of posing any immediate danger.

In addition, TradeOgre is known / said to be some kind of treasure chest, meaning that cryptocurrencies with good growth potential can be found there (and on other, similarly small exchanges). This makes sense, as crypto projects often don’t have the funds to bribe one of the big exchanges to initiate a listing. So, the logical step is to first get on a small exchange, see how things play out and then hope for one of the big exchanges like Bitfinex, Binance etc to pick up on the hype and list the coin for free.


On BitMesh, you can trade Grin, too. They offer a variety of pairs: common ones (BTC, ETH), USD-pegged coins (USDT, USDC) and their exchange token:

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  • Where I can buy Grin coins?
    I mean, really buy and sent Grin coins to my Grin wallet (Grin node+wallet is running on my PC)

  • Hey,

    I should update the text, as we’ve got another exchange. You can currently buy Grin on:
    – KuCoin
    – HotBit
    – TradeOgre
    – BitMesh

    For most (esp. without verification), you will need Bitcoin (or Ether) in order to buy Grin, because they don’t handle Fiat currencies (at least not without verification).
    Hope this helps!

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