HotBit: Beam Wallet is in Maintenance

HotBit’s Beam wallet is currently in maintenance, meaning deposits and withdrawals currently aren’t possible. Reason for this is probably an issue with their wallet: multiple users reported that they initiated withdrawals from the exchange, which were processed, but later turned into a “failed” state.

In the @BeamPrivacy Telegram channel, there were reports that these kinds of issues can happen if an outdated wallet tries to send funds to a new wallet. So, the problem might be HotBit running an older version of the wallet, but this is only speculation, so far.

When confronted with the issues (via HotBit’s ticket system), a support agent reacted nearly instantaneously (from creating the ticket until receiving a first answer with follow-up questions, a mere two minutes have passed). They’re aware of the problem and they’re working on a solution. So, if you have Beam stuck in Limbo between HotBit and your wallet, be patient and give it some time.

As Beam addresses are only valid for 24 hours by default (unless explicitly specified otherwise), a likely outcome is that they won’t just send the funds, but instead recredit them to everyone’s account, in combination with a notice that withdrawals and deposits should work again, leaving it up to you to withdraw your funds, again.

Meanwhile, please keep track of HotBit’s News and Announcements page. An update is likely to be published there, first.

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