Beam Wallet Installation

How to setup your Beam wallet

Step 1: Download Wallet

This tutorial will guide you through the Beam wallet installation. When you’ve finished, you will have a functional wallet, enabling you to send and receive Beam.

Keep in mind that the mainnet hasn’t launched yet, so for now, you’ll just get testnet currency to play around with.

Update: Mainnet has launched successfully on January 3rd, 2019.

First, visit You will find a couple of things you can download, such as:

  • Wallet Desktop App,
  • CLI wallet
  • Node (including CPU and GPU miner)
  • opencl-miner

Most of these are available for GNU/Linux, Apple/Mac and Windows. What we’re interested in in this guide is the “Wallet desktop app”. Click the link for your appropriate operating system and save the file on your computer.

BEAM Desktop Wallet Download
Download the BEAM Desktop Wallet from

Step 2: Wallet Installation

Once the download is complete, navigate to the folder you saved it in and open the file with a double click. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

After that, open the wallet, for example, hit the “win” key on your keyboard and type “beam”. Then, hit return once it found the Beam wallet.

If everything went fine, the Beam wallet should greet you with its splash screen, offering you to:

  • either create a new wallet (which is what we wanna do) or
  • restore an existing wallet.

After clicking “create new wallet”, you’ll be prompted to generate a seed phrase. Click the button.

Step 3: Generate Seed

BEAM Wallet Splashscreen
The BEAM Wallet Splashscreen
Generate a new seed for your BEAM wallet
Here, you can generate a new seed for your BEAM wallet.

The next window will show your seed. THIS IS IMPORTANT, so save it! You might wanna use the copy / print buttons on the bottom of the screen or write it down and store it in a secure location.

Remember, your private key is derived from this seed. If you lose it, you’ll lose access to your Beam.

Beam Wallet: a new seed
Beam Wallet: a new seed
BEAM Wallet: enter a good password
BEAM Wallet: enter a good password!

Hit next. Now, the BEAM wallet will make sure you still have access to your seed by having you type a few of the seed’s words. Insert each word into the input fields and hit next, again.

Now, you need to create a password for your wallet. Choose a strong password which:

  • is certainly hard to guess… in other words, NO, your pet’s name combined with your birthday is not a good password!
  • further, it should be resistant against dictionary attacks
  • contains letters including upper- and lowercase, as well as numbers and special chars
  • has a good length, for example of at least 8

To sum it up: the longer and the more random your password is, the harder it is to crack. Most importantly, make sure you don’t lose access to your password because again, if you do, your money is gone. Irrecoverably.

Hit next to proceed to the next screen:

BEAM Wallet: enter a good password
BEAM Wallet: enter a good password!

If you want to contribute to the network, it’s recommended to leave it as-is and to run a local node. However, if your computer has only little resources, select one of the other options. This way, your wallet will connect to other nodes.

Now, click “proceed to your wallet“. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Beam wallet!

BEAM Wallet after installation
This is how your BEAM Wallet looks after installation.

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