This is Mimblewimble

A cryptocurrency protocol which provides privacy and scalability.

The Mimblewimble zero-knowledge blockchain protocol whitepaper was originally released by a user named Tom Elvis Jedusor on 19 July, 2016. It aims to solve scalability issues present for example in Bitcoin while also providing a high degree of privacy.

Currently (December 2018), there are two main implementations, both launching in January 2019: Grin and Beam.

On these pages, you will get an overview over topics like:

  • the protocol in general,
  • its implementations, Grin and BEAM,
  • trading: which exchanges list MW coins?
  • wallet installation,
  • node setup and
  • everything mining related.

Some sections on this page are under construction and the content is still being created. If you’re missing an important detail, found an error or just want to provide feedback, please drop me an e-mail.


Information overview & important links

Links: Beam

Beam: information, social media, mining, setup guides and more…


Beam Information

Links: Mimblewimble

Whitepaper, implementation and recent news.

Mimblewimble Overview

Mimblewimble Development

Mimblewimble News

Links: Grin

Grin: information, social media, mining, setup guides and more…


Grin Information

Grin Guides